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If you have been listed in the ChexSystems, you may have known what it means. You will find it extremely hard to open a new bank account as the banks simply reject your request. If you want to prevent such a tragedy happened on you, you must know more about ChexSystems.

Many people in the US still do not have any idea on ChexSystems so they just were not aware of the importance of preventing the listing of their name in the ChexSystems. Once they have been listed, they would be aware of the importance of it but it would be too late.

ChexSystems is one of the largest credibility reporting companies that can provide the banks with the reports of credibility. If banks find your name in the ChexSystems, they would know that you have a bad credibility because you have had troubles with other banks.

Non Chexsystems Banks

Nowadays, nearly 80% of all banks in the US use ChexSystems to protect themselves from any potential fraud. If you are listed in the ChexSystems, you have to try your best to find a bank that do not use ChexSystems. That would be very hard as most of the banks use it. But nothing is impossible. You can still find banks that accept you as their customers.

You just do not have to have any hope to find an international bank that does not use ChexSystems. What you have to do is to find a regional or local bank do not use ChexSystems to help you and you will have more chance to apply for a new account successfully. It would be hard for you to find a bank that do not use ChexSystems to value you, and here is also other options for you.

Prepaid Debit Cards

If you just cannot open another bank account now, you can try to use prepaid debit cards though it do not have the full functions that a normal bank account provided. You can still enjoy most of the features of a regular bank account if you use this type of prepaid cards.

Please be reminded that you have to pay for this service. You are suggested to read the terms and conditions carefully. So you can find out the price of each prepaid debit card and the one that suits you the most. Some prepaid debit cards companies require you to pay a fee in every transaction and that may be a great financial burden.

2nd Chance Checking Accounts

2nd chance Checking accounts are the checking accounts that designed for those who are listed in the ChexSystems. The service can provide you a great chance to enjoy banking services with few restrictions.

Different banks have different policies on opening a second chance checking account for you. Some require you to provide a full financial history so as they can value if you are suitable to be their customers. And other banks do not.
Nowadays, many mainstream banks offer you second chance checking account as they have noticed the potential of these types of customers. You can find a free list of such banks on this site too.

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