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You may have such an experience of being rejected when your tried to apply a new bank account. In fact, even you have a good credit scores, you may also be rejected. It seems very strange and puzzled. so you may wonder how the banks really work and why you always get rejected.

Second Chance Banking - How to Apply and Get Approved

And What’s the True Reason For Rejection?

It is just because that you have been list in ChexSystems! And it means that you are considered to be some credit risks for the banks. So they rejected your application!

You should know that your credit score has nothing to do with the credit risk in fact. In general, most banks may report any customer who is with banking credit risk to ChexSystems. so, once your name has been listed in ChexSystems, then most banks will reject your application of new accounts.

Then you have to consider the second chance banking now which may never refer to ChexSystems to determine to approve or decline your application. So you can do not worry about your “credit risk” now, and you can aply a new second chance account.

How To Find such Banks and Get Approved?

Here are three simple steps for you:

  • 1. Make a complete list of the banks which can offer second chance accounts.
  • 2. Prepare to prove your own identity such as SSN.
  • 3. Review those banks carefully, and choose one or two which are more appropriate.

Then you can apply it! And I have to mention that the fee of second chance banking is more higher than regular accounts.

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  1. vittoria m forde at 2012/08/08 20:27 says:

    i am looking for a second chance checking and saving account,
    please advise asap

  2. isaac harrison at 2015/02/16 06:27 says:

    I would like to open a new account with your company

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