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2nd Chance Checking

Date: 2012.06.03 | Category: 2nd Chance Checking | Response: 0

If you have been listed in the ChexSystems, you may have known what it means. You will find it extremely hard to open a new bank account as the banks simply reject your request. If you want to prevent such a tragedy happened on you, you must know more about ChexSystems.

Many people in the US still do not have any idea on ChexSystems so they just were not aware of the importance of preventing the listing of their name in the ChexSystems. Once they have been listed, they would be aware of the importance of it but it would be too late. Click to read more

Date: 2012.03.09 | Category: 2nd Chance Checking | Response: 2

You may have such an experience of being rejected when your tried to apply a new bank account. In fact, even you have a good credit scores, you may also be rejected. It seems very strange and puzzled. so you may wonder how the banks really work and why you always get rejected.

Second Chance Banking - How to Apply and Get Approved

And What’s the True Reason For Rejection?

It is just because that you have been list in ChexSystems! And it means that you are considered to be some credit risks for the banks. So they rejected your application!

You should know that your credit score has nothing to do with the credit risk in fact. In general, most banks may report any customer who is with banking credit risk to ChexSystems. so, once your name has been listed in ChexSystems, then most banks will reject your application of new accounts. Click to read more

Date: 2012.02.27 | Category: 2nd Chance Checking | Response: 0

What’s the Best Way to Get Second Chance Bank Accounts?

There are so many problems which resort in getting second chance banking, and here is also a good news. There are a lot of easy and simple solutions. Many banks can offer these no matter they are online banks or physical banks. And I can share you with some information about them so that you can choose the best bank for yourself easily.

Best Way To Get 2nd Chance Bank Accounts

So, before we go too far, it is very important that what you do can help you to get back the old bank account. It seems very difficult and impossible. But there are really some certain situations where the bank may reopen your old account if you can pay of all your debt. It is obvious nice which means that you can regain all the benefits you once had.

If getting the old account back is not a good option, do not worry! There are also some banks which can provide second chance accounts. Do you know the bank named “Compass”? Unfortunately, the bank does not operate in most states of USA. If you just live in such an area with a Compass’s branch which is close, you can have a try. If not, you can try the online bank. Click to read more