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Do You Know ChexSystems ?

ChexSystems is the system that can let the financial institutions, banks and credit unions to find out the level of risk of opening a certain account for their customers by giving them the credibility report of their customers. They do not have the right to deny the creation of accounts as they are just act as a report provider.

How to Get a Copy of ChexSystems Reports

How to Get a Copy of ChexSystems Reports

If you have the history of account abusing, or even you have an outstanding debt that strongly affects your previous money lender, or you are getting involved into fraudulent activities, you would be reported by this system and all the reports submitted to this system would last for 5 years, except there is removal request from the source providers.

Free Credit Reports From ChexSystems

You may have seen the TV commercials about giving our free credit reports and you may be interested in it. I am not here to discuss about if those TV commercials are true or not.

By the way, is there any free credit reports that can be offered to the general public? The answer is certainly yes. There are many ways for you to get free credit reports and I am sure that you have to know it well.

First, you have to know the following websites – or, which are the sites created by Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. These three companies are nationwide consumer credit reporting agencies so that reports generated by this site can be trusted.

You can receive a free report there because of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act. But you have to know that you can only request for one free credit report every year. If you need more, you have to pay them money to do so. Because of the free quota, many people are passively encouraged to get one free credit reports per year to see their financial status.

You can also get free credit reports after you have been denied to do some financial activities, such as the opening of a saving account. It is not the method that everybody can have a try, but for those who have bad credit record already, it is a good way for them to obtain free credit reports. Thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you can get one free credit report after you have been denied credit within the past 60 days.

In this case, you still have to rely on the three companies of Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Just simply visit their website and report your situation to them and you can have some more information about why the banks deny you to do a certain type of financial activities.

There is at least one more useful method to help you to get free credit reports and that is the signing up for a free-trial credit report service. You can find thousands of related services through the Internet and you can just simply find the one that really fit your needs.

They can usually offer you information such as credit reports, credit scores. You have to understand that it is a trial service only so that you have to cancel the service that they provided during the trial period to prevent any potential charges.

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