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  1. Alicia Lee at 2013/01/15 21:13 says:

    Need a FRESH START Checking..

  2. Sheri at 2014/01/30 21:32 says:

    I came to your site looking for banks that do not use Chexsystems and you have Nevada State Bank listed. This is an error. They DO use Chexsystems and they aren’t very nice either! Go anywhere but here!

  3. Josh Purler at 2014/04/10 21:12 says:

    Please remove us from you site. Alliance Credit Union does use Chexsystems. We offer a “second-chance” checking account, but we still use Chexsystems. Please send me an email confirmation when we have been removed. Thanks!

    • admin at 2014/04/16 00:12 says:

      Thank you for your comment. And I have updated the content.

  4. TNConnect at 2015/01/02 18:31 says:

    Please remove Knoxville Post Office Credit Union from your list. We do have a 2nd chance account but still use Chexsystems. Also there is no longer a branch at the address listed. Thanks.

  5. Robin Lineberger at 2015/05/15 14:49 says:

    These banks do use chexsystems and I tried to get an account with them and they do use it and I was denied. First National bank and First TN national bank both used chexsystems. Please up date your list misleading information

  6. Chris at 2016/06/06 19:15 says:

    SpatialPoint (you listed “Spatial Point”), is not a bank.

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