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Looking for Banks Do Not Use Chexsystems in North Carolina

If you still wonder that where to look for second chance banking, choosing those banks not using Chexsystems is a good idea. Here’s a list of some Credit Unions and banks which do not use chexsystems for account verifications. If you have been listed in Chexsystem and failed to get a new bank account, you can try these banks. For there is no 100% guarantee, so I just to list more banks as possible.

List of Banks Do Not Use Chexsystems

These banks in North Carolina are reported to not use ChexSystems. But I do not guarantee that you can get approved successful 100%. So I list more banks in North Carolina as your alternatives.

Southern Community Bank and Trust

Four Brothers Winston-Salem Address: 4100 Cherry St. Winston-Salem, NORTH CAROLINA 27105

Capital Bank

em>Address: 462 New Leicester Hwy. Asheville, NC 28806
Phone: 828.771.0202

Update: Capital Bank used chexsystems

First Citizen’s Bank

Address: 625 Merrimon Ave, Asheville, NC 28804
Phone: 828-257-5840

Fort Sill National Bank

Address: 461 Western Blvd., Suite 116, Jacksonville, NC 28546

List of Non Chexsystems Credit Unions

These Credit Unions can works with No Chexsystems at all in North Carolina. I have to tell you that it is not 100% guaranteed, but it is really worth having a try.

Charlotte Metro Credit Union

Address: 818 Central Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28204
Phone: 704-375-0183, 888-633-2628

Fort Financial Credit Union

Gastonia Office Address: 1808 Fulton Dr. | Corinth, MS 38834
Phone: 662-287-8814

Members Credit Union

Address: 2098 Frontis Plaza Blvd. Winston-Salem, NC 27103
Phone: 336-748-4800, 800-951-8000

Piedmont Aviation Credit Union

Address: 4997 Home Rd. Winston Salem, NC 27106
Phone: 800-433-7228

8 responses to “List of Non Chexsystems Banks in North Carolina”

  1. roy tripp at 2013/03/02 19:53 says:

    I am looking for a brick and moter bank that will give me a second chance for a checking account!

  2. Mike at 2013/11/14 13:40 says:

    First Tennesse Bank does use chexsystems

  3. Cynthia at 2014/09/23 20:55 says:

    Charlotte Metro Credit Union uses ChexSystems per their website

  4. Rod at 2014/10/16 21:15 says:

    First Tennessee uses ChexSystems also!

  5. Katie at 2015/02/12 18:44 says:

    Capital Bank used chexsystems… I called and asked.

  6. Chris at 2015/08/18 03:10 says:

    First citizens banks in north carolina uses chexsystems… tried to open a savings account and did not get approved.

  7. Renee at 2015/08/26 05:24 says:

    This is awful,not to be able to open an account,not even a savings account,what harm can be done with a savings account?

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