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Liberty Savings BankIf you mismanage your checking account and have been marked by ChexSystems in the past, Liberty Savings Bank’s Clean Slate Checking is a good solution for you to improve the financial standing. Plus, if you manage the account well for more than a year, the bank will accommodate you with any type of regular checking accounts of this bank.

The checking account will come with no balance requirement, Freedom Extras and Overdraft Banking Protection. And you are suggested to learn more details at LSB’s site.

In general, if you have trouble in opening a standard checking account, LSB brings second chance for you to rebuild your personal finance. Note that only those clients who have no more three issues on Chexsystems will qualify for the special account. In a word, Clean Slate Checking is a smart option that helps clients manage their accounts wisely and affordable so that they can rebuild a history of responsible and successful checking management.

About Liberty Savings Bank

Opened in 1889, Liberty Savings Bank is a good financial institution offering deposit accounts, CDs, home loans and credit cards in FL, OH, SC and CO. The bank has branch offices in Denver, Superior, Lakewood, Granby, CO.

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