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Urban Trust BankSomeone may need second chance because that he has a history of mis-managing  his checking accounts in the past. So, Urban Trust Bank’s opportunity checking comes with many benefits for you to rebuild your personal finance. With a deposit of $25, you can open an opportunity checking account with monthly service charge of $10.

Then you can enjoy Unlimited check writing, Debit card, free online banking, telephone banking and Free e-Statements. Of course, you can get more details online.

Plus, the bank offers free checking to those customers who plan to manage their money easily and safely. For customers who is over 55, there is also senior checking well designed with many features.

About Urban Trust Bank

Urban Trust Bank is a local bank serving in the state of Florida with about 20 branches. The bank can offer regular savings, CDs, IRAs, checking accounts, CD Secured Loans to its customers.

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