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Date: 2012.12.09 | Category: Second Chance Banks | Response: 0

Urban Trust BankSomeone may need second chance because that he has a history of mis-managing  his checking accounts in the past. So, Urban Trust Bank’s opportunity checking comes with many benefits for you to rebuild your personal finance. With a deposit of $25, you can open an opportunity checking account with monthly service charge of $10. Click to read more

Date: 2012.12.08 | Category: Second Chance Banks | Response: 0

United BankUnited Bank offers Gateway Checking as 2nd chance checking account to customers who have a history of poor credit or past banking problems. There is also chance for you to convert the account into a standard checking account of United Bank, if you maintain the checking account well for more than 12 months. Click to read more

Date: 2012.12.07 | Category: Second Chance Banks | Response: 0

Republic BankRepublic Bank’s Fresh Start checking account is a smart 2nd chance checking account well designed for clients who have no more than 4 ChexSystems records. If you want to rebuild your banking health, it is a good solution. There is no requirement of minimum balance. But you’ll be required to be charged $6.95 per month for the service. Click to read more