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Date: 2013.05.07 | Category: Second Chance Credit Unions | Response: 0

Valley Federal Credit UnionValley FCU’s Opportunity Checking is right designed for its members with past checking history of less-than-perfect. Its monthly service fee is only $7.5. There is no requirement of minimum balance. Click to read more

Date: 2012.08.13 | Category: Second Chance Banks | Response: 0

2nd Chance Banking in MontanaSecond Chance checking accounts can provide you with a fresh opportunity to get benefits from bank accounts. But you should know that you will not have the same privileges as a regular account. And you’ll be charged more fees for the special service. Even so, it is still a good idea for those person who have been listed in ChexSystems.

In fact, if you don’t like 2nd chance banking, you can also choose to try these non ChexSystems banks mentioned as below. And it will help you save a lot too. Click to read more

Date: 2012.04.17 | Category: Non Chexsystems Banks | Response: 0

Looking for Banks Do Not Use Chexsystems in Montana

If you are looking for second chance banking, choosing those banks without using Chexsystems is a good idea. Here’s a list of some Credit Unions and banks which do not use chexsystems for account verifications. If you have been listed in Chexsystem and failed to get a new bank account, you can try these banks. There is no 100% guarantee, so I just to list more banks as possible. Click to read more