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Date: 2013.03.08 | Category: Second Chance Credit Unions | Response: 0

WEOKIEWEOKIE Credit Union’s second chance checking brings an opportunity for those members with previous banking problems to enjoy the privileges of a regular checking account. Note that it is a Non-interest bearing checking account. Click to read more

Date: 2013.03.06 | Category: Second Chance Banks | Response: 0

Landmark BankLandmark Bank offers great 2nd Chance Banking to its customers in OK. And its Rebound Checking will help rebuild your checking relationship. It requires a monthly service fee of $9.99. And you can upgrade the account to a regular checking of this bank a year later. Click to read more

Date: 2013.03.04 | Category: Second Chance Banks | Response: 0

First Oklahoma BankFirst Oklahoma Bank’s second chance checking brings a good opportunity of rebuilding your banking relationship if your previous account has been closed because of your mismanagement or negative history of credit. Click to read more